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Alexander Strecker

Managing Director

A native of Albstadt-Ebinger, Alexander grew up in Bisingen, beneath the rising bluff of the Hohenzollern Castle. At the age of 20, he emigrated to Bavaria.

For the last eight years, he provided telecommunication support for english-speaking translpants in Germany.

In 2016, he established the fetish label Get Into Gear.

Rainer Eckert


Here’s Alex in his own words:

… to be honest, I have been fascinated with spanking for a long time. It’s an erotic and arousing game played by two like-minded players. Warming up for the game can be as enticing as the game itself. For me, the focus is gradually introduce a sense of play, and spark arousal.

I have met a lot of people who would like to try it out, but the thought of being rejected or misunderstood runs around in their heads. Open discussion with their partner seems impossible.

In my opinion, people talk to little about their innermost sexual desires in their relationships. Sexual openness in a relationship leads to better human relations and mutual trust because you connect and are completely honest with each other. This bond of trust extends into all other aspects of the relationship.

“Safe, sane, and consensual” means that you respect the well-being of your partner, use common sense, and act with mutual agreement. This is the guideline.

I invite you to visit the events in our showroom. Upcoming dates are posted here.

Rainer and I:
Rainer and I have known each other for over 20 years. With great excitement, even if from a distance, I watched him create Son of a Gun. When the concept for Get Into Gear blossomed, I met with Rainer to forge a partnership. Rainer has been by my side during the entire process. He and his hands are the creative side of Get Into Gear. It’s fascinating to see him work. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and visit his workshop.

If you’re interested, we can give you detailed insight into our centuries-old manufacturing process.

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We are happy to answer your questions and process purchase orders by telephone or email.

We always look forward to seeing customers in our workshop. Please contact us beforehand for an appointment so we can set time aside for you and your imagination.

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