Modern-day pioneers crafting with artistry from centuries past

Get Into Gear – sensual handcraft in leather.

Get Into Gear manufactures individual, handmade spanking paddles in the Swabian Alb.

The end result is a work of art in leather, made as it was over 100 years ago.

Rainer from Son of a Gun is my friend and the producer of the Get Into Gear products.

Our products are all one of a kind. In the webshop, you’ll find paddles designed by Get Into Gear, but you can also collaborate with us on a custom design.

In the past, when looking for high-quality spanking paddles, the products on offer failed to meet my expectations for material, workmanship, and design. I decided to fill the void with Get Into Gear.


You can find a collection of finished paddles in our webshop.


Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun


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Customized Paddles:

We combine our experience in leatherwork with our desire to create high-quality spanking equipment for demanding clients.

In our workshop, every piece is made purely by hand.

Each paddle has its own shape, strength, and impact.

Design your new paddle together with us. Your signature style will be returned to you as a work of art in leather.

We are a conduit for the creative energies of people in search of exhilaration.

Contact us to get the Get Into Gear paddle of your wildest fantasies.



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We are happy to answer your questions and process purchase orders by telephone or email.

We always look forward to seeing customers in our workshop. Please contact us beforehand for an appointment so we can set time aside for you and your imagination.

handmade spanking equipment

Am Salzstadel 16
83022 Rosenheim

+49 162 34 29 627

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